One Sunday Afternoon I asked Segovia Amil a muse turned into a poet to let me photograph her while strolling down Central Park.  She was kind enough to share one of her poems with me.


“Anthem of the Priestess”

The woman you become is the end result, the aftermath

of the woman you have developed in the mind,

the woman you have fought to be –

birthed from the seed of a solitary genius

and into physical and spiritual manifestation

The very body of a woman

(that forthright, mystical document) grows tall as it becomes,

and as almost a rebellion of sorts

and against all odds,

her evolution and self creation is not an act of fate,

but a direct representation of how a woman fights to become a world within herself

Woman, do not let others soil your grounds. – Segovia Amil



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  1. Donna Perry


    Real long shot here…. I’ve been trying to find the book Ophelia Wears Black by Seogvia Amil. Zero luck. Might you still be in contact with her? Or if you have any knowledge of where I could purchase one, I’d be so very grateful.
    Thank you!
    Donna Perry

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