You know that feeling when you stumble across something that inspires you to the point you are literally having trouble looking away?  That’s the feeling we got when we stumbled our way right into Los Angeles based photographer Moni Haworth‘s internet hideaway, Johnny’s Bird.  Simplistic, fluid, and youthful, Moni’s work catch’s you and pulls you into a whole other world.  With her sets on Johnny’s bird running between 20 and 60+ photos, her stories are well layered and thoughtful.  Every story  conceptualized around Moni’s interest in other peoples world’s, their way of life, ideas, the fact they don’t care and seem to still be striving, yearning and clawing for what they are aspiring to in life.  Their indifference towards the mainstream is reflected in each subject she shoots – they have a certain emotional imprint that seems to show through her work as you progress through each set..  The addicting draw to her work comes from the fact you become enticed in seeing the next shot, the next pose, where the story will go – with 100+ sets on Johnny’s Bird you can scroll for days.

With the buzzing youth of LA and the  never ending feeling of inspiration you get just being there, it’s not hard to see why Moni chose to move from London to Los Angeles.  Not only does it seem like a perfect place for her inspirationally, but for her work to thrive!  Check out one of Moni’s featured sets on Johnny’s Bird!

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