kitsune sound club night aug 14

Anyone who’s been to Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles knows that the quality of talent is always high. Add European music/style label Kitsune and production by Matte and MFG and voila! You’ve got a certified French fete on your hands.

kitsune aug 14 shark

kitsune fox masks

Club Night premiered Thursday with a stacked lineup of deep house and disco DJs. This wasn’t a night for bottles and tables – people just came to dance. The room was packed with eager dancers sporting fox masks (the Kitsune mascot)  and danced under beneath a glitzy, great white disco shark. With heavy hitters Kedd Cook, Henry Krinkle, Lane 8, and Brenmar on the decks, it was a wonderful devolution into disco delirium.

aug 14 kitsune 2

aug 14 kitsune

Lane 8’s funky style always guarantees a good time.

lane 8 aug 14 kitsune

My favorite moments of the night:


If Club Night continues like this, prepare to see us back every week. Seems like our Thursdays just got a little funkier.


Photos by Jonathan Roberts

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