Dakota Jade - August 2014-0449

I’ve been wanting to do an exclusive shoot for the magazine for a little while now, something for ISSUE 1 coming out in January – I had the weekend off so I started putting something together. Last week I had the chance to talk to model Dakota Jade while I was down south, and by chance we were both in town and had time to shoot, so that worked out well.  Saturday we headed out to the wilderness – we heard about this waterfall that wasn’t too far outside town, so we decided we’d hunt it down, luckily we found it!  We shot there for a few hours until it became creepy that we had families chilling in this national park while we shot semi-nude photos around them, so we headed to a motel to do the rest of our shoot.  We ended up getting a lot of amazing shots that just ended up enhancing the entire shoot, it turned out amazing.

Dakota Jade - August 2014-0313Dakota Jade - August 2014-0315Dakota Jade - August 2014-0379Dakota Jade - August 2014-0433

We took a bunch of behind the scenes photos so I thought I’d share with you guys so you can at least see our crazy day and save the real shots from the shoot for ISSUE 1!  Enjoy!

Dakota Jade - August 2014-0439 Dakota Jade - August 2014-0441 Dakota Jade - August 2014-0447 Dakota Jade - August 2014-0451 Dakota Jade - August 2014-0460 Dakota Jade - August 2014-0598Dakota Jade - August 2014-1162Dakota Jade - August 2014-1136Dakota Jade - August 2014-1116Dakota Jade - August 2014-1001Dakota Jade - August 2014-1345Dakota Jade - August 2014-1392Dakota Jade - August 2014-1486Dakota Jade - August 2014-1535Dakota Jade - August 2014-1623Dakota Jade - August 2014-1667Dakota Jade - August 2014-1710Dakota Jade - August 2014-2007Dakota Jade - August 2014-2082Dakota Jade - August 2014-2116Dakota Jade - August 2014-2146Dakota Jade - August 2014-3461DSCF3609Dakota Jade - August 2014-3637 Dakota Jade - August 2014-3639  Dakota Jade - August 2014-3651 Dakota Jade - August 2014-3682 Dakota Jade - August 2014-4371 Dakota Jade - August 2014-4377 Dakota Jade - August 2014-4380Dakota Jade - August 2014-4417 Dakota Jade - August 2014-4425 Dakota Jade - August 2014-4439 Dakota Jade - August 2014-4486 Dakota Jade - August 2014-4487 Dakota Jade - August 2014-4498 Dakota Jade - August 2014-4500 Dakota Jade - August 2014-4507


Model:  Dakota Jade



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