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Young New York photographer, Rachel Thalia Fisher, has an eye for the dreamy wanderlust when shooting her subjects. Her soft, sometimes dark but colorful work mixes a contemporary feel with a fashion editorial structure to them. The worlds she creates often resemble dreams of places or memories, refractions of light perfectly placed to give you a glimpse of some lost or forgot ton story. The emotion and stillness in her subjects just adds to the allure.

Here is Rachel’s first submission to Nakid, we know you guys will love her work as much as we do!


Models: Agnes @ ADAM, Amanda @ Re:Direct
Makeup + Hair: Kayla Fenwick
Styling: Alexis Bergens

About Dustin Hollywood

Professional Photographer & Founder/Editor-In-Chief of Nakid Magazine: Dustin Hollywood

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  1. Gwegwe Nathan jnr

    I’ve always said said great photographer + a interesting subject = perfect shot.
    lovely shots, interesting subjects. they intensified the shots.
    overall great job!

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