We’re just two lost lovers

tangled up in modern times.

Our souls are tied like

the sky to the mountainside.

Entangled in the sheets

we reach to meet,

ignoring debris

past lovers may have left behind.

Lust and dust collide,

laying side by side,

nakedly aroused.

Are you just window shopping

or are you gonna stick around?

We’re just two lost lovers

tangled up in compromise.

Our souls are tied like

high-heels to night-life.

Entangled on the streets

we screech to meet

ignoring the leash

past lovers went and left untied.

Trust and rust collide

laying pride by pride,

nakedly unwound.

Say you’ll stay babe.

I sure do like having you around.


One night only pop-up art party. CasAmor 350 Franklin Ave BK NY.

artwork by Vexta

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