Richie Culver is a Berlin based artist originally from Withernsea, a town on the outskirts of Hull in Yorkshire.  This week for DUOS! we are highlighting his recent collaboration with the London based niche clothing company Topman.  Culver has been creating his own brand of art for over 10 years now, first moving to London in 2000 with his girlfriend and only £8 in his pocket, he has nurtured his career and foundations of his work into something truly inspiring.  His first work being a magazine cut-out of a Jesse Owens photo with the words ‘Have you ever really loved anyone?’ stuck onto it, he was featured in the Tate Modern and has developed an autobiographical style all his own.

Topman, part of the famous Topshop brand, is the male oriented side of the brand.  Created in the 1970’s and part of  the Arcadia Group, Topman has a chain of high-street men’s clothing stores located throughout the United Kingdom and in the United States.

The pieces used in the collaboration feature artwork and photographs on oversize sweatshirts, tees, and more!

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