P O P K I L L E R . P I C K U P

Upon stumbling into Popkiller – a quirky and unusual store located on Sunset boulevard, I met Cara. Instantly I was drawn to her thrown-together outfit and shining sense of self. After trying on all the alien masks, hats, and rings I approached this adorable girl about doing a shoot before I hit the road for Arizona. After finding out more about her, like the fact that she’s a musician with an amazing voice, we exchanged info and shot the next day. I did a classic makeup look on her – and Timothy Max killed styling. The Hollywood Hills made for a perfect backdrop, and the weather was incredible. Sometimes I guess you just get lucky.

 nakid8nakid2nakid7 nakid1nakid6nakid3 nakid5

photographer/makeup – AUBRY ROACH x @aubryroachofficial

styling/hair – TIMOTHY MAX x @timothymax

model – Cara Carberry x @cararain

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  1. Gwegwe nathan jnr

    great shots, i especially love the mono-chrome collection. i’ve always loved photograph pictures in black and white. you can feel the connection with the subject or model as the case may be.
    It really interest me when i see close range shots as these.
    Great job!

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