Zeren Badar takes renaissance paintings and ordinary objects and food, and highlights them in a way only he can.  The self-taught New York based photographer has one of the most fresh and interesting views and styles on photography today – often incorporating odd angles, scenes, weird mixes of food and art, and ordinary objects on vibrant, colorful backdrops.  Originally from Turkey, Badar transplanted himself to New York in pursuit of his work and style like many young aspiring artists do, but it is rare you find one of these artists that stands out so prominently and inspires you.  Badar’s work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibited in galleries around the world, something not easily accomplished by any artist.

Zeren Badar’s ‘Accident Series‘ is a mix of renaissance paintings and ordinary objects and food placed in various poses on top of the art – creating an entirely new piece of art through photographs of the mixed media collage of real life and surreal paintings.  Here are a few of our favorite from the series!  Enjoy!


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