Daniela Riojas aka “ZaaZaa” is a San Antonio based multi media artist who specializes in almost every form of human expression. Riojas is a photographer,model,artist and the lead singer of Femina-X, an avante-garde electronic power pop band that has been making their way through headphones in the Texas and giving SA locals a reason to enjoy the live scene again. ZaaZaa’s most recent exhibit, “Being and Becoming” self portraits are the perfect showcase for the new year, though the exhibit is a collective arrangement of the artist, it is also a complete metamorphosis of the human form from the dull cast shell of the young to the bursting out into a new form. The complete exhibit also included video and music performances all composed by ZaaZaa herself. The self portraits are a wonderful body of work and have such an intimate reach with the viewer, Daniela is going to be an artist to watch for 2015.





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