Amersterdam-based photographer Aisha Zeijpveld recently came to our attention. With her unique portrait style and abstract compositions, Alisha has playfully created a world that is both vibrant and full of surrealism.

Using subtle manipulations, her images force the viewers eye to search for alternations imbedded within each photo. This kind of abstraction creates it own, separate narrative. Some of these alterations are more prominent then others. However, in no way are they so over the top and visually dramatic that it becomes overwhelming. Keep an eye out for more of Zeijpveld’s work.

phoca_thumb_l_aisha_zeijpveld_oerang_oetang_mens_web1 phoca_thumb_l_Jop_Vrieze_01_web phoca_thumb_l_morgen-magazine-aisha-zeijpveld3 phoca_thumb_l_Sir_Edmund_Aisha_Zeijpveld_01_web Aisha_Zeijpveld_Furhtur_Labelz_Sterre_van_Rossem Aisha-zeijpveld-artwork-Aisha-zeijpveld-artwork-9-600x767










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