Ever since there have been computers, there have been glitches. Recently many artists around the world have started to create glitch art – art based on technological imperfections which are either naturally captured after the input of a glitch code or purposefully reproduced. Reminiscent of Duchamp and his transformation of everyday objects into art based on perspective and context, glitch art can be viewed as a modernization. The transformation of imperfections which can only exist in our time using our technology has become an art itself- the idea to consider is which glitches are more appealing? ‘Organic’ occurrences in programing or human-produced glitch art?

These digital works were all done by “Ian” link to his website will be below the images.

glitch1 glitch2 glitch3 glitch4 glitch5 glitch7 glitch9 glitch8 glitch10 glitch11 glitch12



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