Skinny Girl (5)
A photographer from Bandung, Indonesia, Firman Rohmansyah recently sent us this breathtaking editorial series for Nakid showcasing his take on femininity and the skinny female body moving in such a ways that it presents curves not ordinarily there.  Rohmansyah himself said when asked, “This picture tells how a woman so beautiful  & skinny can still present curves onto the thin body creating its own uniqueness.“.  The light and shadows being manipulated within the motion of his models figure as well as the playful & youthful serenity of each photo brings a kinda of voice to each photograph in his series.  See more of his work below!
Skinny Girl (3) Skinny Girl (8) Skinny Girl (10) Skinny Girl (6)  Skinny Girl (4) Skinny Girl (11) Skinny Girl (2) Skinny Girl (1) Skinny Girl (9)

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