I may be one of those people who came to Milan by chance; those who wanted to become new people, without any specific reason, simply needed change. Yes, I’m probably one of those. People that want to reinvent themselves having random encounters and moving – probably – just to write their own personal story. This is a city full of contradictions, but that’s what makes it more intriguing than it really is. Anything exclusive or unassuming, but invariably fascinating, that’s Milan.

Unknown Brera corners or small art galleries within walking distance of the Naviglio Grande, there’s beauty everywhere waiting to be observed.  Infiltrate the city; get out from the subway on the wrong station.  Maybe it’s the way to find it, or perhaps you might find yourself, having that reason that was senseless but now becoming a fact, to know finally why you are where you are.  Look at it fresh, with new eyes, and this will be what you see.


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