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Georgia born and New York certified, Hannah Faith Yata has been dazzling art lovers for over a decade.  Hanna’s work has found a way to perfectly balance reality and fantasy giving you a false sense of comfort with things you can slightly recognize – like a woman’s beautiful body then slapping you in the face with the head of a creature.  Creating a nightmare-ish figure waiting for you in dream land her work mesmerizes and inspires.  If you are loving what you’re seeing, you’re are in luck!  Hannah has work in a few different major magazines and has been in shows all across the U.S. even reaching as far as Germany and Japan, so you may see her work in your next favorite magazine or exhibition near you.  Now sit back and buckle up for this fun ride, here are a few of our favorite pieces by her!

Find more of her work and follow her below!


Supercalifragilistic_Hannahyata (1024x1021) Rebirth_Hannahyata_NAP (783x1024) Hannahyata_themoors (650x1024) HannahYata_Throwingupthechildren (548x1024) Hannahyata_Bloom (1012x1024) Morpho_hannahyata_webbyversion Certified Organic_Hannahyata (575x1024) Study of a Devil Woman_WEBBY

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