Fashion Photographer Firman Rohmansyah and Kaniskha Andhina recently sent us something they haave been working on conceptualizing for awhile and now has it ready for the world!  About the ‘Not’ Symmetrical Portrait shrouded in stylish black and white monochrome, it is elegant but finely defined.  His collaboration with Andhina brings the vision to life as well as her amazing makeup and and hair skills.  Without further ado here is ‘NOT’ Symmetrical!


Photographer:  Firman Rohmansyah
Model:  Kaniskha Andhina
MUA:  Kaniskha Andhina
Styling:  Firman Rohmansyah

About Dustin Hollywood

Professional Photographer & Founder/Editor-In-Chief of Nakid Magazine: Dustin Hollywood

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