img_4668How can one bring tradition into the future, into today’s technological age? Faig Ahmed does just that, by taking Azerbaijani traditional rugs and rearranging them into glitched works of art. A kind of trompe l’oeil using fabric, Ahmed superimposes shapes taken from technology and computer glitches into patterns and designs. Faig Ahmed graduated from the Sculpture faculty at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art in Baku in 2004. He works with various media, such as carpets, sculpture, and installations, fusing ancient traditions and modern art. Most of his work has a strong sense of cultural customs transformed by time.52-100000-2 02 2v3a9339-2 35 123-2 1111 1111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111 aida_mahmudova-faig_ahmed-louise_blouin-phto-tim_roberts-2015-jpg071 aida_mahmudova-faig_ahmed-louise_blouin-phto-tim_roberts-2015-jpg075 fsdf


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