Jeff Koons, born in North America, has become the most expensive living artist today. It’s a mass icon that goes further than many important others, such as Hirst or Murakami. He turns banal objects into high art icons, exalting the superfluous but focusing on the kitsch, pop and surrealism as a style of his works. Could say it’s the heir of Duchamp, with touches of Dali and Warhol, but with one big difference; not only finds an object and claims it as art.

Today art has so many streams, some of which contradict one another and has come to pass from art to brand, and this is what happened with Koons. It began with original ideas, but at this point sells his own fame. Maybe the fact that he was a stockbroker on Wall Street has helped, but the novelty of this artist is indisputable. After having endured bad reviews with his work “Made in Heaven”, his career has become a roller coaster, he continues to sell what he creates, with that style criticized by some and praised by others. But one thing is clear, for better or worse Jeff Koons is a topic of conversation today, and sure to be well into the future!

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