Hidden faces, portraits from the back and body fragments are some of the identity signs of Martina Giammaria. This Italian photographer creates pictures with plain backgrounds coming in pop, acidulate, vitaminized and pastel colors. The work of this co-founder of Spleen Magazine and curator of Untitled Girlfriend has been published in magazines such as Vice, Wired and L’Officiel. She is not interested in portraying people, just photograph bodies as objects adopting unnatural poses. Clean images with a stylized rigidity that make the composition less romantic, but at the same time developing an atmosphere, a story created from something out of the artist’s head and open to many different interpretations.

Fake evidences and unlikely stories communicated through surreal snapshots with objects of desire in anonymous spaces. There’s something out of place, things aren’t like they should in her photographs. Martina reconstructs in her studio images from the daily life, turning them into narrative pieces; fragments of unpolished stories, creating that feeling of uncertainty or discomfort ending in an unknown and distant future.


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