Who thought one of the most important building tools mankind ever created could be used to make such insanely amazing and intricate artwork, well Yorkshire born sculptor Marcus Levine did.  Levine uses nails to express the human form through hammering them into any number of surfaces to form an overall picture or sculpture. He attended the Jacob Kramer Art College and started working as a TV graphic designer before joining the family business. In 2004 his nail art became a moving force in his life and he moved to Budapest to pursue his dream of making it for a living. Levine introduces and exposes us to an entirely unique approach to sculpture, meticulously translated, each of his designs spread onto large white wooden panels. By hammering nails at varying heights and distances, creating the tone and texture needed, is able to create masterful works of art. All of his pieces are done free hand without any tracing on to the board also.  If this doesn’t inspire you to think outside the box, we don’t know what will!

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