Born in 1983, Mark Chadwick, is a contemporary fine artist who lives and works in the United Kingdom. Chadwick studied Fine Art at Birmingham City University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006 and Master of Arts in 2008. Specializing in abstract painting Chadwick’s work explores ideas surrounding authorship, process and chance encounters. Currently he is working on a series of ‘fluid paintings‘, which display the unique forms that colors and contrast bring together when positioned together in a random motion by the artist’s hand but manipulated through the use of machines or natures forces. Some paintings are spun or shaken while others rely upon reactions between materials or gravity to allow the painting to almost form itself. The paintings are built up of many layers of paint, each creating it’s own flowing abstract surface left open to interpretation by the viewer. The creations are as unique in their presentation as they are in their processing, but all of them are simply amazing!

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