Model and photographer Devon Trunk just sent us this brand spankin’ new editorial exclusively for Nakid Magazine and we couldn’t wait to share!  Normally, Trunk models, but has been getting into shooting and it’s clear she has an eye for it!  Based in San Francisco, CA and always on the run, Trunk is a mover and shaker. She’s always working on something new and exciting.

Recently, she teamed up with model Lena Greenspan and styled the shoot herself – taking a more natural and ‘at home’ relaxed look, the shots are subtle are an amalgam of shots around the house framed just right. She has been in front of the camera for most of her life, but “there is something extremely exciting about capturing personal and intimate moments such as these“, says Trunk. Her best friend Lena has been trying to transition out of a mentally and emotionally toxic situation as of late – she thought it would be good to capture the feeling of deflation and defeat she has been going through these passed few years which is the basis for the shoot. This is just a glimpse into the detox process she is undergoing currently.

See more of Devon Trunk here:  INSTAGRAM


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