Fran Rodríguez is a freelance designer from the northern coast of Spain but now lives and works in Barcelona.  Creating collages and illustrations deeply inspired by psychedelics and surrealism is Rodriguez’s bread and butter.  Obsessed with astronauts, outer space, flying things of any kind, lost and lonely people and daydreaming as a way of life – nothing is off limits to the creative mindset Rodriguez draws inspiration and artistic material from.  Each piece has a voice and statement about it, a kind of message, and it makes you not only feel inspired and creative viewing them but it also makes you think, which is the best kind of art wouldn’t you agree?!  Here are some of our favs, Enjoy!

See more of Fran Rodriguez’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

ballon doves drowned in space eye FAMILY flowers GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT hand planets pool astronaut SKY DIVER

Mountaineer is relaxing

Mountaineer is relaxing


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