Céline Condorelli it’s an artist, whose work crosses in a fluid way the language of architecture, sculpture, design and many others, creating a relation between them.  Darkness on exhibitions is a fact today, for Céline the daylight creates a necessary atmosphere for both the artist and the observer. Therefore, there’s a need to open a window becoming so, the exterior context, a part of the exhibition space too.

Bau Bau, a new concept of exhibition taking place in Hangar Bicocca, summarizes the study of these concepts proposing a new methodology that consist principally on granting great attention to the pre-existing conditions. According to the artist, all this would be possible if we created a dialogue between art & industry. As a representation factory, Pirelli collaborates with the artist to present the exhibition disturbing the very structure of the place creating two environments; day and night, cotton and rubber. Culture and experimentation are key drivers for the development and for this Pirelli has created a fertile ground for formation and the emergence of generations of creatives.


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