This beauty editorial focuses it’s shift on a particularly beautiful mouth, belonging to Sha’Nice Storey who is a killer stylist residing in San Francisco. Aided by the golden hands of Clove Eros, photographer Ashlynn Danielsen longed to create a concept that incorporated the artists involved. Clove is an incredible hybrid of various different art forms, particularly graffiti and photography. The energy on set was low and soothing, as everyone understood the others need to focus on their tasks. The makeup artist, of course, bailed the morning of the shoot so Ashlynn stepped in to apply the various spray painted effects onto Sha’Nice’s lips. Meanwhile, Clove worked away at painting her hands gold, trying her best not to touch anything. The vibes both during and after this shoot have consisted of mutual respect between artists and a love for all that we are able to create together. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next shoot, sometimes it works out to simply look no further than the pretty mouth of a neighbor.


Clove’s INSTAGRAM (Seriously, check out her Instagram. It’s fantastic.)

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