Los Angeles based photographer and designer Taner Tumkaya just sent us over the latest project to come from his creative genius ‘SACRED TRENDS‘. Shot with model Sylvia Sakellaridis, the graphic design/mixed media glitch photography project bends reality and color in a rhythmic way. Combining geometric grid lines faceted in glitched color spectrum’s as if a magnet fell on a lead photograph completely disintegrating it but leaving a beautiful distortion of its remnant image. Here are some of our favorites, enjoy!
See more of Taner Tumkaya’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / VIMEO
SacredTrends_02 SacredTrends_10 SacredTrends_09 SacredTrends_08 SacredTrends_07 SacredTrends_06 SacredTrends_05 SacredTrends_04 SacredTrends_03

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Professional Photographer & Founder/Editor-In-Chief of Nakid Magazine: Dustin Hollywood

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