HUGO CESTO 151Starting as a French graffiti artist, Hugo Cesto takes the worlds of fine art and fashion by storm. I first saw his work at MTV RE:DEFINE, wild colors tamed by wide, black lines, teetering on the edge of abstraction. Looking at his style, it’s clearly evident that each piece is full of energy, life, and emotions. Figures of animals and plants reveal themselves to the viewer through color, if you truly look. I had the pleasure of working with Hugo and Mary of Curio Projects on this exclusive interview and studio visit of Hugo’s workspace in Paris. In addition to several upcoming shows, Hugo is working with Japanese designer Junko Shimada to place original paintings on silk using screen prints. He is currently with Moretti & Moretti, the largest street art gallery in Paris.

Hugo Cesto – Interview Nakid Magazine – 08/07/2015 from Hugo Cesto on Vimeo.


Hugo Cesto Website

Hugo Cesto Instagram

Curio Projects Website

Moretti & Moretti

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