You may have noticed one of our regular contributors on Nakid, Devon Trunk, and some of her amazing work as a photographer now – she used to just model but has recently began experimenting with photography and we have been featuring the young artists work here. Well her creative partner, Derek Pope also known as Kidd Upstairs, has just released a brand new EP under the name Derek Pope entitled Sunken City. The EP is built off the ups and their contrasting downs while residing in the city of Los Angeles, which if you know anything about LA or have lived or live there, you know those up’s and down’s are plentiful if not a regular staple of life there. The young musician has this project very close to his heart – more than any other project he has put out to date, and you can feel that emotion in every song Sunken City has to offer.


When approaching the visual aspect of the project Derek asked Devon Trunk to step in and be a part of the process of creating the cover art for the EP – after exchanging countless ideas and concepts the magic started to flow, inspiration and imagination took hold and this exlusive editorial is the result! Together they created a lookbook of sorts to express the feelings and visual journey that represented the EP and music Pope so genuinely pieced together.


When asked about the EP, Pope had this to say:
“I was inspired by the actual Sunken City in San Pedro, and the name fit everything I was trying to convey about Los Angeles.  This EP represents my early time spent here, a beautiful city weighed down by vanity and facade.  I wanted to document the lows as much as the highs.  This is also my first singing project – I needed it to represent the vulnerability I felt making it.


For the album cover, I had envisioned myself as a wanderer, stumbling out of the desert into the first cheap motel in sight, the beginning of my journey through Sunken City. I knew Devon could help capture the grimy aesthetic I was looking for, and she did.  We tried to get the cat in the cover shot, but he was just not feeling it.”


See more of Derek Pope’s work and stream the album Sunken City here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER / FACEBOOK


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