Edd Leigh is a London based fashion photographer & illustrator whose work usually is an amalgamation of the two forms of media combining photography with digital illustration. As a self-taught artist, Edd has spent the last 2 years refining his skills after leaving the corporate banality of a 9 to 5 in 2013. His work as both an illustrator and fashion photographer has already been featured in publications such as: Hunger Magazine (, Schon Magazine (, Tirade Magazine (, among many others.
Always wear your gas mask” is a series of images that involve a mishmash of dark sultry poses that he shot of Paris based model, Lorelle (The Face Paris Management), contrasted with bright pop digital illustrations. The use of gas masks was inspired by the paranoia of chemical warfare during World War 2 that led to the distribution of posters and fliers with photos of women and children in gas masks and the words  “always carry your gas mask”. Eventually chemical warfare didn’t happen and gas masks were never to be needed. See the full set below!
Check out more of Edd Leigh’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / TUMBLR


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