The Ice Cream that Understands PMS by Parker Jones

Texas-based college student Parker Jones tapped into the painful world of menstrual cramps and emotional frustration women endure monthly. Funny and cute, Jones wants you to know that the struggle is real and that your binge-friendly best friend, ice cream really does understand. With hilarious phrases, such as “I Think I’m Dying” and Don’t Come Near Me,” the ice cream containers feature seven emotional states one undergoes when PMS attacks. They read: “Day One: It’s Only Just Begun,” “Day Two: Hell Is Coming,” Day Three: Can’t Turn Back Now,” “Day Four: Only A Few More Days” Day Five: Dear God Make It Stop,” Day Six: Please Tell Me It’s Over” and finally “Day Seven: Sweet Relief.” Finally, someone is saying what everyone women is thinking.

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(Via Parker Jones)

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