Catarina Marque is a writer and photographer living in Los Angeles, CA we just recently discovered when she sent us a direct message on Instagram. As soon as we saw what she sent us we were in love and told her to send over the full set so we could share it with all of our readers, originally the photos were created for a zine she is working on entitled “Is It In? Love Poems and Life’s other Uncertainties”, a collection of poems, stories and photographs“. If her zine is anything like her work we will be watering at the mouth to see and check it out!


This series is called ‘Modern Romance’, and it features true one-sided text conversations that depict how romance has evolved from our parents generation to our generation and through technology now. The photographs depict snapshots of pleasure mixed with uncomfortable moments that most of us can all relate to. There are three parts that complete the series and each part contains 2 photos – these are the first two parts of the 3-part series! Enjoy!


See more of Catarina Marque’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM


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