From time to time we stumble on some amazing deisgners out there doing something unique, today is one of those days – Taylor Gonzales is a BFA student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania focusing on furniture design, with a twist. His work is focused around bridging the gap between Graphic Design and Furniture Design, meshing them together to create a unique aesthetic that sets his work apart from others.  His designs are characterized by vibrant patterns, contrasting shapes, and colorful forms that are both a form of sculpture and functional pieces for practical use.

See more of Taylor Gonzales’ work here:  INSTAGRAM

Soca_Bench Taylor_Gonzales_4 WIP_Walnut_Table Sights2 Caribbean_Leeches

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  1. Anonymous

    Great designs and beautiful colors, reminds me of quirky beach towns. Im no expert but the bench looks functional and the other images look like process shots. Some people just cant appreciate someone elses creations…

  2. Anonymous

    poorly designed and non functional pieces does not make a good designer.

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