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This week on DUOS! we have recently featured photographer Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev, who’s work we have fallin in love with since we discovered her weeks ago, and model Sita Payette, also known as Bamboo – a unique name for sure, it means ‘Indian Goodness‘ and it describes Payette perfectly! Wearing Alice Kass, a lingerie for self described ‘cool kids‘, and damn sexy, the two kept it very simple and let the emotional connection between them do all the talking. The series is for a project the designer and photographer have teamed up to do that is a bedroom series where they get up close and personal with local models and beauties in their intimate enviorments. Enjoy!
See more of Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK
See more of Alice Kass’s designs here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK

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