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FINALLY, FKA Twigs new music video is all over the internet now, all sixteen and a half minutes of it’s glory! The singer has truly outdone herself this time though, creatively pushing not only her music but her visual identity as an artist in general. Taking a mainstream audience and turning them on their head all while captivating them and keeping them wanting more. The 27 year old dropped the ever-anticipated 4-track EP entitled M3LL155X and it’s epically adventurous short film accompanying it. The film takes each track on a journey visually in a way that we have seen few do before, almost exactly matching the energy of each track to it’s parallel scenes within the film.

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The film opens with “Figure 8,” and then moves gradually and seamlessly through the motions, graduating from one scenario to the next. The Twigs-directed video aims to conceptualize “the process of feeling pregnant with pain, birthing creativity and liberation.” She recruited Michele Lamy, wife and muse of designer Rick Owens, to act as an anglerfish which opens the first film sequences and essentially births Twigs from her mouth for “I’m Your Doll,” a provocative scene where Twigs poses as a helpless blow-up doll first mesmerizing her subject and then seducing him. “In Time” channels the early girl group aesthetic of late 90’s early 2000’s pop culture where cliches and boy band/girl bands were in heavy mainstream channels (i.e. n’sync/spice girls), while “Glass & Patron” closes M3LL155X with a high-energy Vogue battle. Watch the mind-blowing 17-minute film below and enjoy loving every minute of it as we did!

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