Filthymouthcreative is back! The offspring and creation of Brooke Mitchell-Olimpieri who is a Las Vegas based designer/photographer, is slowly becoming one of our favorite photographers in rotation! This time she’s got an exclusive editorial for us straight from the sands of Venice Beach, CA.  Brooke took model Sam Black out to the boardwalk and beach for a day in the sun and some fun in front of the lens as these two ran around venice making mouths water. Decked out in Omighty apparel and vintage picks of their own, Brooke snagged some off the wall moments with her Contax G2 and Cannon AE-1 as Sam ran the streets in her half cornrows half Southern California beach sunned hair. Sam Black’s super outgoing personality and rad style sense and connection to the camera made this shoot all the better – she is a dope DJ as well as a model and travels the world doing both. She’s totally a guys girl.. Mouth like a sailor and looks of a super model, which instantly inspired photographer Brooke Olimpieri for her Venice punk, free spirit, wild child shoot.

See more of Brooke Olimpieri’s work here:  INSTAGRAMWEBSITE 
See more of Sam Black’s work here:  INSTAGRAM
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