(Above photo by Jen Senn)

Today we have an exclusive by two brilliant young photographers from New York, Jen Senn who we featured in ISSUE II of Nakid and a new face on Nakid, Sam Livm! Recently the two taste-making creatives ventured on a road-trip to upstate New York with fellow friend and model Kelsey.  Both using their unique eye and creative views shot the same model in two different perspectives. They are so good their work seamlessly floats from moment to moment and shot to shot without knowing you are switching between two different photographers, a testament to their ability to communicate and work together and their amazing styles – creating one inspirational story line. Kelsey dazzles with her effortless framing and connection to the camera, as well as using the natural settings around her to capture the perfect emotional moments between herself and both photographers!

See more of Jen Senn’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

See more of Sam Livm’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM


(Above photo by Jen Senn) Jen_IMG_7486

(Above photo by Jen Senn)Jen_IMG_7593

(Above photo by Jen Senn)Jen_IMG_7982

(Above photo by Jen Senn)Jen_IMG_8167

(Above photo by Jen Senn) Sam_Kelsey-Warman-2015-305

(Above photo by Sam Livm)Sam_Kelsey-Warman-2015-312

(Above photo by Sam Livm)Sam_Kelsey-Warman-2015-319

(Above photo by Sam Livm)Sam_Kelsey-Warman-2015-341

(Above photo by Sam Livm)Sam_Kelsey-Warman-2015-355

(Above photo by Sam Livm)Sam_Kelsey-Warman-2015-362

(Above photo by Sam Livm)

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