Bethany Vargas, a photographer based in Seattle, WA, sent us this exclusive new editorial she shot out in the sand dunes of Eastern WA last week.  Entitled “Desert Moon“, her and model Binta Diba with SMG Models took a huge circular mirror and some amazing clothing styled by Kayla Dumo with make-up by Lauren Young and let their imaginations run wild! Enjoy!

See more of Bethany Vargas’ work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

vargas_desertmoon-9 vargas_desertmoon-3 vargas_desertmoon-5 vargas_desertmoon-1 vargas_desertmoon-8 vargas_desertmoon-11 vargas_desertmoon-14 vargas_desertmoon-10 vargas_desertmoon-6 vargas_desertmoon-13 vargas_desertmoon-4 vargas_desertmoon-2 vargas_desertmoon-12

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