Shot by Le TANS©2015_0505

American/English freelance photographer, model and all around artist Le TANS, currently lives in Melbourne with her pet duck, Louie DK. Yes, that is right, pet duck, how bad ass! She shoots self portraits, sexy fashion, and really just lets her mind and imagination run wild. In this exclusive editorial for Nakid she shot this self portrait series for us of her and her pet duck in stripped down black and white, simple and to the point, raw and nude – because when it comes down to it, all we are is what we love, who we share it with, and the skin we live in. Enjoy!

See more of Le TANS work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK

Shot by Le TANS©2015_0517 Shot by Le TANS©2015_0513 Shot by Le TANS©2015_0511 Shot by Le TANS©2015_0510 Shot by Le TANS©2015_0507 Shot by Le TANS©2015_0500 Shot by Le TANS©2015_0499 Shot by Le TANS©2015_0498 Shot by Le TANS©2015_0497

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