Recently photographer Stephanie Parsley and model Lacey Rogers went on a week long adventure shooting together, the result of which is this badass exclusive editorial just for Nakid! Assisted on makeup by Jessica Humerick, they set out to capture the perfect California vibe but in a bunch of different transitional views, we’d say they succeeded! Enjoy!
See more of Stephanie Parsley’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK
See more of Lacey Rogers work here:  INSTAGRAM
Model: Lacey Rogers
Makeup Artist: Jessica Humerick
Photographer: Stephanie Parsley
Red Dress: Melissa Petites (Vintage)
Sunglasses : Bobbi Brown
Head Piece : Amaroq Design
White and Gold Dress : Michelle Hebert
Rainbow Dress : Michelle Hebert
Black Vest : C/MEO Collective
Shoes : Steve Madden
Swimsuit : UNIF
Cheetah Jacket : WYLDR brand
Floral Pants : Show Me Your Mumu
Sunglasses : Wasteland
Black shirt: Abercrombie
Headpiece : Amaroq Design
11998523_3441328825136_1147964968_n 12071538_3441344865537_842535890_n 12068026_3441344905538_747330016_n 12067331_3441330265172_1601495892_n 12067254_3441349065642_488104590_n 12064504_3441350065667_1066198895_n 12064426_3441348905638_1559707727_n 12064215_3441344985540_293589154_n 12063928_3441348865637_1965808218_n 12062572_3441345785560_248511158_o 12059879_3441330545179_2145091802_o 12053129_3441344745534_397293077_n 12053110_3441344945539_1551079133_n 12048583_3441328465127_976399930_n 12048422_3441344785535_1900942107_n 12047658_3441344825536_250364348_n 12047647_3441350025666_1539348484_n 12047481_3441348985640_1460641112_n 12047422_3441330345174_1855878452_n 12047293_3441349025641_1545144096_n 12044064_3441327145094_971046566_o 12042227_3441329225146_1904539404_n 12042206_3441328425126_439395407_n 12033629_3441348945639_1279622600_n 12033615_3441331545204_2068436142_n 12029064_3441349105643_426153304_n

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