Artur Birkle, a 26 years old  photo student from Bielefeld  Germany.
Travels around Germany  taking photographs of the beautiful natural girls living there.

He spotted Anne on Instagram  and thought: “woah, what a face.”and  directly asked her if she’d be interested in doing a shoot with him.
She had never done a shoot before so he thought that will be perfect for the shoot just capturing her beauty without much posing.
After an hour of talking she showed him her picks  for wardrobe and then immediately  started creating some photos together.

See more of Artur Birkle’s here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

Anne_MG_7786 Anne_MG_7841 Anne_MG_7854 Anne_MG_7868 Anne_MG_7926 Anne_MG_8148 Anne_MG_8240 Anne_MG_8248

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