Adam Dawda,  a model/photographer that whilst travelling/working over the last year abroad as a model in Asia has started pushing towards his passions for creativity and working with others with the same drive. Loves to capture honesty, and natural beauty. he doesn’t like the image that fashion portrays and the lengths to which it idealizes beauty. If we sit still, observe presently with an open mind and heart, we will see that beauty surrounds us and is ever present within us also. He loves taking photos and expressing himself through this medium. He loves working with people and  wants to make a positive impact on the world in his own small way. He wants to explore vices, confront demons and question idealisms with satyrical commentary on today’s youth culture.

He captured this beautiful, freckled girl while they hung out a few weekends ago. “I loved capturing her natural, beautiful self and all of the moments in between.” Peoples truth is hidden between each lapse of intention.

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Model: Heidi Dyck 

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