Dallas is doing big things musically right now, even VICE named it as the number one underground hiphop scene in the country right now and they are dead on. I’ve spent a lot of time in Dallas and Texas in general and I’ve seen a lot of artists come and go, different sounds and aesthetics fade in and out, it’s rare you see someone’s stuff catch and really build to something amazing. Adayeme’ is one of those artists I think has a sound that isn’t mainstream but has an instinctive ambient rhythm that has the potential to really be something amazing. I met him at JMBLYA Fest in Dallas last Summer drinking and bouncing to G-Eazy on stage while we were there covering it for NAKID, I could tell from the start of our convo that he had an energy and real passion for his music and work, hopefully you guys will listen to his stuff and feel what I felt, that old school vibe and lyrical flow mixed into a modern world. Enjoy!

See and hear more of Adeyeme’s work here:  SOUNDCLOUD



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