Surréalisme : inquiétante étrangeté du monde environnant, goût des atmosphères mystérieuses, rendre visible la part d'invisible du monde

Achille Nivaux is a 22 year old currently studying photography in Montreal. He did a series of autoportraits dressed as a woman/dragqueen and the mood is strange, dark, mysterious, artsy, classy and a bit disturbing.
What he wanted to illustrate by doing these pictures is based on the idea that, he considers, what is most beautiful in virile men is something feminine, and what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine.
He thinks this is the most elegant breakdown of the Jungian theory of “anima” and “animus“; the feminine principle within men and the masculine principle within women.

See more of Achille Nivaux’s work here: INSTAGRAM

Assistant: Harold Bonneville
Stylist:Elea Schmitter

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