Still Parade - Front
Photography by Tonje Thilesen
The Berlin-based artist Still Parade aka Niklas Kramer, has announced his debut full-length album ‘Concrete Vision’ via Lefse Records. After captivating the SXSW audiences by premiering the single ‘Chamber’, Still Parade has been unstoppable – taking headlines through all major music blogs and Hype Machine.
Concrete Vision is remarkably an intriguing adventure for Kramer, who is stepping into a new cosmic conjunction of feel-good and lo-fi sounds that sparks something very special.  This period also saw Kramer become more interested in experimenting with new recording techniques after receiving a tape recorder as a gift from his father. While his previous output had all been recorded within fully equipped, professional studios with experienced producers, he was now realizing he preferred the sound he was able to generate on his own in his tiny Berlin apartment.
Both ‘Chamber’ and ‘07:41’ are the perfect example that showcases such improved sense of self-worth.

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