AshleyCallaghan-1FINAL-languid Ashley Callaghan is a film photographer who focuses on emotive body portraiture using natural light. Oftentimes her work is described as dreamy, conjuring, and heartfelt. Based in Austin, Texas, she finds herself traveling coast to coast and within central america to work with other creatives.

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We rented out Room 149 of the totally kitschy Madonna Inn of San Luis Obispo, California. What made this room unique were the white wooden arches that Phyllis Madonna designed and hand-carved herself. The model and myself started with the concept “Kissing the Lipless” and created expressions based around that concept and repercussions of unrequited love, which is fairly ironic since the name of Room 149 is ‘Old Fashioned Honeymoon‘ ”

AshleyCallaghan-2FINALfeelingvulnerable AshleyCallaghan-3FINALmarbleform AshleyCallaghan-4FINAL-lamp AshleyCallaghan-5FINALsubnormal AshleyCallaghan-6FINALpraying AshleyCallaghan-7FINALsweetheartvalentine-darker AshleyCallaghan-8FINALtodiveindeep- AshleyCallaghan-9FINALtoplaychildforaday- AshleyCallaghan-FINAL-collage AshleyCallaghan-FINAL-kissingthelipless- AshleyCallaghan-FINALbeingonedge-

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