Australian photographer/art director Oliver Minnet makes his debut on NAKID today with this exclusive featuring model Bianca Smart! Dominating the nightlife/event and photo scene in Sydney for years I had the chance to first meet Oliver when I was in New York visiting a few years ago and decided to stay in the city and shoot and hang with friends instead of going to Mysteryland; which many of you may be calling me a dumbass right about now for. Let me assure you this was actually an amazing decision because not only would I have not met Oliver but I wouldn’t of met our brand new Fashion Editor Rachel Lynch either. Needless to say we partied and galavanted around the city for the weekend shooting, exploring and laying inhibition to the wind.

Oliver graduated with a Bachelor of Communication specialising in Journalism from Charles Sturt University, so we know he has brains behind that devilish smile, and after assisting at Red Rocket Studio began freelancing as a digital producer, then went on to create the website Voena, which he worked on for the next four years during which time we met. The project he started inevitably became a content agency, with a variety of clients including Universal, V Energy, and Future Classic- how’s that for turning nothing into something!

He balanced a day job as an online producer at Channel [V] for 2 years, whilst honing his ability as a photographer. “The experience allowed me to shoot private concerts for Kings Of Leon, and Coldplay. Over the course of this period, I did a short course in UX at General Assembly, and then was awarded a scholarship for Voena, by Vice Magazine and GA which sent me to NYC for Internet Week and placed me in GA’s Front End Web Development course.”, says Minnett.

At a certain point he realized he had finally made it, clients were coming left and right, money was good which enabled him to take on running Voena full time. With a little guidance from his mentors, as well as the support of family and friends, he took the helm, and established an office in Waterloo, whilst also branching out to work overseas for Fashion TV in Shanghai.

Overall, Minnett has already accomplished more than most dream of with their talent, and the best part is, this is really just the beginning. His aim, no matter the project, is to find a way to tell a story that he believes the audience will be interested in, something they can engulf themselves in whether they understand it or not they can feel it. “Ultimately, it’s really all about creating something memorable, that the audience can empathise with.”, says Minnett. Keep an eye out for more of his work and what he does next, he is definitely on our radar as an artist to watch!

See more of Oliver Minnett’s work here:  INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE

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