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For those of you not from the South, not currently residing anywhere new Texas or those of you that are music illiterate, 27-year-old, Dallas, TX-based artist Samantha Mattice-Lowery a.k.a. Sam Lao is a blowing the fuck up! She has played at a few of our parties in the past and her unique sound and visual identity is something to revel in. It’s once every few years that you really see a young artist step into their own and not as an alter ego or personality but as someone genuinely fucking awesome just how they are. We caught a list to her latest release, “Pineapple“, which is a a cal to all the girls out there and to the world not to front, an anthem accompanied saturated in a colorful/fun music-video geared toward women. In it, she explores unlikely themes. In a Paper Mag interview she says, “Pineapple” is about a domestic male fantasy – “I’m referring to how you would tie up your hair when hanging around the house/relaxed. They wannabe close to me and see me in my most relaxed state.” Keep an eye for her, shes nowhere near changing the game!

See and hear more from Sam Lao here:  TWITTER / FACEBOOK / BASECAMP / SOUNDCLOUD

Watch the video below.

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