Photographer Casey Curry teamed up with model Stephanie Moore and set designer  Daniel Salin To bring us this exclusive editorial for NAKID. Based in Los Angeles, CA, as a young adult Curry studied personally under photography master, David Lachapelle, and it was at this time that he really began to find his voice. After making the jump from photo assistant to full time photographer, Curry found his niche in ethereal portraiture. 
“Although the final image is obviously of utmost importance, the greatest part of capturing one of my photos is the process that leads me there. Conceptual art direction is always at the forefront, with any post production work playing a much more minor role. My goal is for all of the magic to happen in camera.”

With this process in mind, Curry is often finding ways to stretch himself creatively. Whether this means obscuring the lens with shards of glass, creating dreamlike sets where his subjects can explore, or transforming a simple scene with precise lighting control, Curry feels that “the image should be complete before a photo is ever taken.”

It can be seen in each still that his love of fringe movies, dramatic lighting, and the bizarre that lead Curry to capture in the way that he does. But no matter how in depth the production behind the photo, Curry aims to ensure that all moments feel natural and effortless. “My goal is for every photo to feel like a cinematic still. Something imaginary, but still within reach.”

See more of Casey Curry’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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