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Photographer Nastia Cloutier is back! Titled ‘Stop On The Road‘, her new exclusive series for NAKID portrays one of her muses, Karo Vadnais, and herself as the model and subject, a different aspect to her work we haven’t seen. “Before this summer I was feeling very insecure about myself, not very confident”, Nastia tells us. “At the begging of the season, the person that was making me feel that way decided to leave my life, and it changed a lot of things. I felt the need to feel pretty again, and I thought to be in front of the camera like I was before having him in my life would help me. I decided to contact a photographer I just met, Andrian Villagomez, and he loved the idea!”

They decided to shoot in the country – Nastia  thought it was a good idea to bring her muse, Karo Vadnais with them as added support and creativity. She admits, “We were all stressed out by the city, and we all needed a break from it.”. They decided to drive without any destination in mind – the they stopped where ever they thought the location was pretty, and found some breathtaking ones which set the location for the shots!

Photographer Adrian Villagomez’s work: INSTAGRAM

See more of Nastia Cloutier’s work here:  INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE

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