Via Mallrat InstagramPHOTO BY @Callumzero
Is hard to believe that Aussie up and coming badass Mallrat is only 16yrs old and is already topping the Hypem charts. The Singer \ Kind of Rapper sound is something like a rare, lost record of the Spice Girls.
Getting ready to premiere her first EP, the first track we hear from the lil misfit is ‘For Real’, a track so sassy and catchy, there should be a Terry Crews cameo.  It feels as easy and personal as a brassy talk with your BFF, a summer anthem for the anti-mainstream lighthearted rebels. With lyrics like “When you smile for real, you make me smile for real” and  “Dream sweet in the passenger seat” the track claims to be an ode to young lovers all over the world.
What makes Mallrat or the ‘Hannah Montana of the Rap Game’ (as she calls herself on her tumblr) so exciting to follow up with is the fact that she captures pop music so immaculately. Because pop music is a way to show off girl power. To take over someones heart and mind with simple songs that might speak harsh or bitter words, but always in an irresistible ‘Im Too Cool to Hate’ kind of way. She has all of that but with a more daring rap like style and a Yung Lean like attitude.
Make sure to keep an ear out for this one.
Via Mallrat Instagram
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